Dirty Emo Review

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Dirty Emo Review:

Emo. Goth. Punk. Whatever the fuck you call it, it’s baby faced teens who never stopped playing Dress Up. And that’s fine by me! These young babes are either super seductive or I’m-so-innocent-please-go-gentle. Either way they want the cock. Just don’t join this site expecting a good dick sucking or young babe fuck fest. You’ll only find 13 videos in the “archive” and they’re all short, most only a minute. Half of them don’t even load in IE or Firefox. The ones that do load are blowjob or solo masturbation and toying clips. Grainy stuff, but cute as fuck! Take note: none of the tour page video screenshots are actually in the pay site. Looks like the only one getting fucked is you.

But… Wow, wow, wow. You want Emo hotties? Browse through the photos. They’re all mid to high resolution, mostly hot babe pics. Many non-nudes. You’ll find a few girl-on-girl pics, but almost all are just myspace-type or lonely-by-myself shots. God bless the MySpace effect! Now all women want to impress total strangers with sexy poses. Who better than young teens with nothing better to do than dye their hair and setup the perfect webcam angle!
Your boner better be easy to please, cuz there’s no way to search the content. Each album has 40 completely random unrelated photos.

You can tell the website managers don’t give a shit about this site: some pics have advertisements to other sites right on ‘em! Girls are submitting pics with URLs to personal blogs and even other porn sites! A bunch of files don’t load at all.
DirtyEmo.com just isn’t dirty. They should call it Emo Babe or EmoSpace. Dirty? Hell no. Maybe some hair has too much hair spray and not enough man spunk. Most of the site is family friendly. Just don’t let your 13 year old son near it, or he’ll make your computer screen dirtier than these Emo MySpace-trained attention-hungry whores.
Is it worth the membership? I’d say no. Why pay $20 a month for a dozen grainy videos and a mostly non-nude photo archive? No saving favorites. No content search. No ratings. Instead, just Google Image search “hot emo babes.” Then you can Twitter your own Yahoo and Google all over their face…book.

Main Info:

Site Name: Dirty Emo

- Trial $1 for 1 Day
- Monthly $19.87
- $49.76 for 90 Days

* Cross sale at signup. Telephone support available.

Picture Details
- Quantity 350+ sets (40 per set)
- Zip Files: NO

Movie Details
Quantity 13+ (1 minute to 15 minute)
Format ( MPEG, FLV)
Delivery: Stream in browser.
Screen Caps : NO

Regular Updates: Daily
Notes about updates: Multiple uploads per day

Extras ( Access to over 2000 professional porn movies )


Content Quality – 16/20
Content Quantity – 15/20
Site Navigation – 2/10
Updates Frequency – 2/10
Money Value – 10/20
Reviewer Rating – 10/20

Total Rating: 56/100


- MASSIVE photo archive.
- High resolution photos.
- Access to 700+ off site porn movies.

- Short and grainy movies.
- Terrible navigation.
- No downloading videos.
- No photo ZIP files.
- No favorites.
- No searching content.
- Signup cross sale.
- Glitchy.
- Broken links.

Summary Of Thoughts
DirtyEmo.com isn’t very dirty. Terribly organized navigation kills this site. Low quality videos are grainy and usually too short. Broken links and menues that misdirect you to other unrelated sites will frustrate you. Without an option to download a ZIP file you may as well just Google for hot amateur wife porn for free!

Join Dirty Emo for $1.00!

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