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Little latin slut loves to suck on her BF’s penis

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This girl definitely has a passion for sucking cock! [flowplayer src='/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/latina-sucking-cock.flv' width=700 height=525...

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Shy latin girl shows her perfect tits

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Shy latina poses butt naked in her bedroom and shows her perfect tits to the camera!! [gallery...

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Hairy Spanish girlfriend gets nailed

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Cute Alessia gets nailed hard doggy style by her boyfriend. I think it's time for him to buy her a razor since it seems that she can't afford one!! [gallery...

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Slutty latin GF gets facialized

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Slutty latin girlfriend saves herself a trip to a spa and gets a free facial from her boyfriend instead. [gallery...

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Cute latin girlfriend fucking her BF

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Sofia was auditioning for a TV show. One thing she really knows how to do is satisfy her man. What she needs to do is learn how to read better. [gallery...

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Brunette girlfriend making an audition tape

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This girlfriend was at home making this audition tape for some part in a small TV show. And between you and me, she couldn't act her way out of a wet sack... Good thing she's a pro IN the sack! I got in there and convinced her to lighten up and screw on camera! She should send...

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What a ride! Usually the hot chick sits on top of the car…

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Usually the hot chick sits on the hood of the car to show it off, not inside next to the driver. Yeah, but CJ's special. She'd rather ride beside her man and distract him with her huge tits and playful smile. It's OK, go ahead and get naked. We'll park for a while. [gallery...

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Take your time getting undressed Mandalay

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For most people, getting undressed is methodical and boring at the end of the day. Mandalay spices things up. This hot MILF gives us plenty of time to check out every nook and cranny of her firm body. Damn that pussy's tight! [gallery...

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Horny latina shares her homemade sex tape

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Horny latina Juanita loves to share her homemade sex tape with the whole wide world. She sucks him in the bedroom, in the car, in the living room and at the end takes a massive facial like a champ! [flowplayer...

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Outside a natural beauty in nature with an ugly unnatural sweater

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Her sweater might have looked appropriate on The Cosby Show or some other 80's throwback sitcom. Maybe the Sears' catalog? CJ rocks those unnatural colors outside in nature before ripping it off and letting the sunshine and fresh air onto her bare skin. [gallery...

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