Brandi Belle Review

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Brandi Belle Review:

Oh Brandi, you had so much potential. A firm little body with some itty bitty titties, a big toothy smile, and an obvious craving for cock. “I play WoW and Diablo all day” and since you think most 1-girl porn sites “are pretty lame” you started your own to 1-up them. So why is your site put together like a bad high school project? When you login, right away the first statement is a lie. “I update every Tuesday.” Scroll through her updates: some are every other week, some once a month, and the last was over a month ago. If I’m paying $25 a month for porno with weekly updates, I better get weekly updates!

And I don’t need a lot to be happy, Brandi. Your videos are 10-to-40 minutes each. Some are kinda lame. But you come across sincerely wanting to make decent fuck flicks. So keep making them! I don’t know, maybe take down a blog you haven’t touched since 2007. Maybe make it easier to see all your movies. 200 movies? Great! 24 per page? OK, cool, whatever. A “next” page button but no “back” button? And no page list? To watch your oldest videos I have to click “next” a bunch of times. Not a big deal, but if I’ve got a chub going the last thing I want to do is scroll, click, repeat.
And what’s with asking for my password for every single movie? This happened in both IE and Firefox.

Thank you for offering so many download options. We can download an entire movie, or 4 big clips, or tons of small 1-minute clips. MPEG or WMV. Many say filmed in “HD” but become really grainy full screened. Were you filming on an HD camera phone? All movies have screen caps, photo still frames from the film. But not all movies have a photo shoot too. Why not list the ones that do, all in one place? A photo archive would be great for a quick insta-chub.
I feel bad ragging on your site. You seem really sweet. Even if you seem a little awkward until a cock’s in hand, you ride and grind with the best of them. I… oh no. I think I’ve got a school boy crush on you. Normally writing these reviews I get hot and hard for a babe and want to do ‘er in the pooper. I want to take you out for dinner to wine and dine you – and I ain’t talking Arby’s – before doing you in the pooper.

But your site? It’s worth getting the annual membership because even at your laziest you’re still doing monthly updates. The yearly fee’s less than $8 a month. Like I said, I wouldn’t drop $25 a month without new material at least every week. Tweek your links and make the navigation a little smoother. Then maybe I’ll come back to review your site again and give you top marks like you deserve.

Main Info:
Site Name: Brandi Belle

- Trial: $1.00 for 2 Days
- Monthly: $24.95
- $89.95 annual membership.

Picture Details
- Quantity: 100? sets (250-800 of pics per set)
- Zip Files: NO

Movie Details
Quantity: 200
Format: (MPEG, WMV, FLV)
Screen Caps: (YES)

Regular Updates: Monthly
Notes about updates: Says weekly, but closer to every other week or monthly

Extras: (Blog, Downloadable wallpapers, Behind-the-scenes videos)


Content Quality – 15/20
Content Quantity – 16/20
Site Navigation – 6/10
Updates Frequency – 6/10
Money Value – 16/20
Reviewer Rating – 16/20

Total rating: 75/100


- Playful porn
- Amateur homemade feel

- Irregular updates
- Awkward navigation

Summary Of Thoughts
Brandi Belle is a cute spunky girl who sincerely loves the cock. A little geeky, she seems to genuinely want to make great porn. I think she traded blowjobs for website work though, but the guy must have been mistyping HTML while getting the BJ! She updates, but irregularly. She’s worth the annual membership cuz it’s only $8 a month. I wouldn’t drop $25 a month without new material regularly.

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