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Now that’s dedication to your toys

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Is it just us, or does Daphney's arm-length tattoo match the flower designs on her dildo? Now THAT'S dedication. Think your Blue Oyster Cult tattoo represents something meaningful? Daphney's represents every one of her most mind blowing orgasms. Unless... she bought the dildo...

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When the boy’s away, Riley starts to play

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Riley's too young to be in a committed relationship. But she is. So when the boy's away Riley gets to play. Armed with boredom and a camera, she takes some blurry and poorly lit candid self shots! Wait, wait... who the hell is that? [gallery...

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Kitten is proof that hope is not lost

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Kitten here provides proof that hope is not lost. For the average looking guy with a small-to-average dick that has some trouble getting it up... you can still score a megababe like Kitten and have her purring. Yes, chicks get off on sucking getting your flacid cock hard with...

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Our little firecracker self shoots from bed

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Lizzie got bored. When a hot teen redhead gets frisky and bored, you know only good things happen. Like grabbing a camera, getting naked, and taking some (albeit blurry) self shots. [gallery...

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Outside a natural beauty in nature with an ugly unnatural sweater

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Her sweater might have looked appropriate on The Cosby Show or some other 80's throwback sitcom. Maybe the Sears' catalog? CJ rocks those unnatural colors outside in nature before ripping it off and letting the sunshine and fresh air onto her bare skin. [gallery...

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Desperate enough to do anything

By admin | April 22, 2011 at 2:57 pm | One comment

Sometimes even the hottest women get desperate. You know, they go forever without getting hit on because every guy thinks they're out of their league? Mandalay got a guy after far too long, and now she's willing to pose for his camera. Even outside in a seedy stairwell leading...

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Veronica giving her BF a footjob

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Veronica's boyfriend woke up after a night of partying and all he could think of was his girlfriends lovely feet. He started filming and persuaded her to get his fantasy on camera. He should have finished on her feet! [gallery...

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College girl Nicole takes a study break

By admin | April 21, 2011 at 2:10 pm | 2 comments

What with the summer just around the corner, Nicole's boy convinces her to take a study break so HE can study her body. Whoever said nerds aren't hot obviously needs to go back to math class for a refresher on basic equations. Nicole + camera - glasses - frumpy sweater = tight...

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Olive has some fun all by herself

By admin | April 20, 2011 at 3:05 am | 3 comments

Uh oh. Big titted Olive is all by herself with a camera. Those gigantic jugs and shaved pussy get into the spotlight as she self shoots some damn hot pics. Several outfits later she realizes she doesn't even need clothes. [gallery...

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Southern belle Rayna has an empty head but’s full of hotness

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Rayna's hot as hell with the thermostat turned up. Who cares that she's dumb as a doorknob after a brain transplant with a rock. See that ass? Fuck that looks delicious. [gallery...

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