Kandi’s body is like candy

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Kandi just keeps sending in photos of that sweet tight teen body! Goddamn we're lucky! Kandi's body is like candy. You wanna lick every inch of it and eat the fuck out of it. Oh, it's laundry day? Well, if you're taking off your clothes anyway... [gallery link="file"...

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Dark and dangerous or cute and innocent?

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Emily is a girl of contradictions. Meaning she's probably a lot of fun. She's got that sweet girl next door look but she's covered in tattoos. She's got a modern beauty to her but she's into that vintage aesthetic. Whatever. When she strips down she's fucking hot as hell. How...

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Tight bodied teen, Riley submits blurry shots

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Riley must've been too excited. She's hot as fuck but doesn't always get laid. If you had this chick you'd better give her enough cock to keep her happy. As soon as the camera came out, she went into seduction mode. You can tell she gets sick of showing off her pussy and wants...

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Rayna shows off her best asset. Her body.

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This cute southern belle likes to be shocking. And the shocker. Hot damn! Serve up that sweet smile with a side of southern ass! [gallery link="file"...

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That’s fucking awkward

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The smokingly seductive 18 year old brunette is in your room. She's already naked. And she crawls across your bed towards your naked body, grabs your cock, and starts sucking you off, staring you in the eyes. And then her boyfriend comes in the room. And wants to join in....

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Lizzie reminds us why she’s our fave

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This wild teen reminds us why she's fucking awesome. She looks fucking ready to party in these self shot pics. Those tiny teenie titties are so perky you could just swallow 'em whole! Wanna have some fun? Fuck yeah! [gallery link="file"...

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Sorry Audrey, no BJ just yet

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Just as Audrey was about to start sucking off her man he backs off. No POV BJ's yet. Why? First he wanted some jerk material for later without his cock in it. This mature MILF's on her knees ready to go and he backs off to get nudie pics. Meh. Too each their own! [gallery...

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Down to earth cutie right here

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Kasey's the kind of girl you'd want to bring home to meet your mom. She's also the kind of girl you could pick up with one arm to bend her over. Cute as a button (whatever the hell that even means) and willing to take every inch you've got to offer. [gallery link="file"...

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Teen Euro Katherine spreads that pussy wide

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Sometimes you just gotta get a better view. Katherine knows how it is. Come on boys, take a good hard look a that spread pussy. She's getting antsy in the pantsy for some action and that cunt ain't holding itself open. [gallery link="file"...

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Asian Brooke with great tits and fake smile

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Brooke is wearing a very hot outfit with the school girl skirt and black bra. She has a nice look, but needs to work on that smile, is someone pointing a gun at her? GET HER HELP!!! I kid I kid... [gallery link="file"...

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